Industry leading Brick Paving Contractors, quality and service for ‘38’ years now, having been established in 1983 by joint owners Keith Markotter and Lawrence Snyman, who are the managing partners of the business, they have personally seen to many very satisfied clients.

Longtime members of the BPI (Brick Paving Institute) which ensures quality workmanship is adhered to from quoting through to job completion.

United Paving strives towards excellent value for money in both the residential, industrial and commercial sectors, by providing paving and construction lead by our experienced and skilled foreman supervising our friendly and highly capable teams to fast and efficient installing, with cleaning and quality checks, leaving the site neat and tidy while always respecting the customers property.

There are no shortcuts in other words this means “True Value”.

Based in Cape Town, and providing services throughout the Immediate and Surrounding areas of the Cape Town Southern Suburbs and Tygerberg’s Northern Suburbs.

United Paving is BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) certified.



My name is Keith Markotter  and I would like to tell you a little about the history of United Paving. In my wisdom some 38 years ago I started United paving with not much, I made two small family loans and ventured out into the unknown. In my apprenticeship where I learnt about the business working briefly for another company who taught me ‘how not to run a paving business’, I met a paving installer there whom I seemed to get on with, so along with him we launched United Paving. It was tough starting out trying to find business, I drove around and took down the name of every single construction company I came across. I then phoned and introduced myself explaining my new setup and asked to be given a chance to tender on any of their projects. In most instances they said they would get back to me, fortunately at a critical pivotal point regarding continuing with the business I got a response from one of the contractors. The work could not have come at a better time, we got stuck into the project then basically never looked back. At this point with things getting busier I felt we needed some help in the area of sales. I met Lawrence Snyman at the sports club and he happened to be Moonlighting (Working and extra job without telling your main employer) at the time to make ends meet. He was selling paving part-time for another company who did not honour their commitments.

We chatted about my setup and the fact that he was interested to sell for me, so I gave him some leads and he started bringing in deals left right and center to the point where he wanted to become a partner full time. I agreed and to this day we are still together. Many people have asked how have we survived all this amount of time. It takes two different types of people to run a business I believe, my being the more relaxed and conservative and he not so. As I started the business I knew all the nuts and bolts so basically my area was the management of the business and he the sales.

As time went by our credit worthiness improved we managed to open up accounts along the way. In running the business our main priorities was to pay the staff our suppliers and ourselves last. We ran the business in a conservative manner, only taking out what we needed and put back into the business rather to build up reserves for rainy days. Because of the volatility of our country over all these past years our conservative approach paid off. There have been some really quiet and tough times in this industry to the point where I would pick up the phone to see if it was actually working. On the other hand there have been some equally rewarding times. It's basically what you put into it being the common denominator nothing comes,easy lots of sacrifices. The emphasis is all about installing our work with pride. Keeping our customers happy is our number one priority, always keeping them in the loop as to our procedures regarding starting times, deliveries etc.

There is so much more I could mention about the last 38 years that have whisked by, over time I will provide more info about United Paving so for now I will sign off till the next time and please stay safe and keep your distance under these difficult times we are all experiencing.


Where have all the years gone?

A Testimony of time, one day you are starting a business and before you know it you have dealt with 38 seasons, gaining appreciative memories reflecting on so many projects and satisfied customers. We are thankful for the input of our reliable skilled staff maintaining our high standards all these years. The good relations we have built with our suppliers and various contractors all contribute towards our successful journey to date. We look now into the future being appointed to carry out many more paving tasks and keep the tradition of our “true value” work ethic flag flying high and proud. Our system is simply built on delivering and we take this opportunity for you taking the time to catch up on all these years with us, hopefully we get to work together soon.

Yours truly

Keith Markotter (Founder of United Paving)


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